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M1 Helmet - Is this an over-painted camouflage pattern?

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7. Only at the rim area, and this is the strangest finding, it looks like that over the yellow but under the Austrian gray there is a rest of another layer of olive green (it is difficult to see, pictures taken with my mobile but the olive is clearly on the yellow). Maybe there was an re-paint in olive who got mostly removed before applying the gray? But this is 100% speculation. Do you have any suggestion?

Just a thought, would the rim of the helmet have been touched up at the same time the yellow camo pattern was applied. There was a lot of paint loss on these rims and I’m wondering if they used what they had to cover the shine of the rim. Might explain your newer looking OG paint.

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Interesting to see how this goes. This was on ebay wasn’t it? Think I saw this set  with the euro interior but I never thought of that Pacific camo! 

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Use a plastic scraper, one that looks like a chisel but is plastic. The best are those car kits that are angled or flat that remove radios, door handles spilt rings etc

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