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VT-23 | Torpedo Squadron TWENTY THREE | The Blessed Bums


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VT-23 | Torpedo Squadron TWENTY THREE | "The Blessed Bums"


Established: VS-23 16 November 1942 at NAS
Redesignated VC-23 1 March 1943
Redesignated VT-23 15 November 1943
Disestablished at NAS 19 September 1945


Assignment: Air Group 23 | CVLG-23 USS Princeton, Langley CVL-27


Aircraft: TBF-1C




August 1943 - 8. August 1943     CVL-23 USS Princeton     CVLG-23     TBF-     -
25. August 1943 - September 1943     CVL-23 USS Princeton     CVLG-23     TBF-     -
October 1943 - November 1943     CVL-23 USS Princeton     CVLG-23     TBF-   West Pacific (Bougainville, Rabaul)


3. January 1944 - January 1944     CVL-23 USS Princeton     CVLG-23     TBF-     --
19. January 1944 - 11. May 1944     CVL-23 USS Princeton     CVLG-23     TBF-     West Pacific (Wojote, Kwajalein)
16. February 1945 - 17 April 1945     CVL-27 USS Langley     CVLG-23     TBF-1C West Pacific


Silkscreened on aircraft fabric. Stenciled on back VT-23.



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Brian Dentino

Now that is one cool and creative squadron patch.  Love it and can honestly say I have never seen this patch before.  Thanks for the write up and sharing the patch with us here.

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