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Hello all, 

My interests in all things military began at a young age. I was born in July '42, so officially am a pre-war baby, since Mom was carrying me prior to the raid on Pearl. My Dad and his twin served 3 years in the 1930's in an armored unit at Ft. Meade, Md. When WWII came, the twins went back in. Charles, my Dad's twin gave up a guaranteed job away from the military, as a boiler maker, welding ships at the Baltimore Ship Yards, and became a Naval Armed Gun. Dad went back into Armor. Uncle Walter was a radio operator on two heavy cruisers and following action in the Pacific went thru the canal and was on the cruiser that took FDR to his final Big Three conference. Uncle Arthur was a combat engineer with 29th ID and landed on D-Day. After walking across France he entered Germany and stayed awhile as one of our occupation troops. Uncle Amos was just 17 when he was in CA. with USMC ready to ship out when the war ended. He and Uncle John were recalled and served during the Korean War. Uncle George joined the USAF in the 1950's and then Maryland National Air Guard, where he retired at nearly 70 years of age. When George reached mandatory retirement age, the Air Guard kept him in uniform more years, as an "advisor", as his CO told me that they could find no one who could run the big hanger as well as could George. My son enlisted the week that USMC barracks were blown up in Beirut. He served two years with 1/10 Cav., 4th ID. So, that is my modern military family history. 

I hold an 01FFL and for years, have traded in military long guns. I am a lifelong hunter and at age 78 am going this year to my lease in N. FL. to hunt white tail deer again. 

Cheers to all, 

Steven signed on as roysclockgun

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