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Estate haul - Including Navy SEAL goodies!

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Now I know there are some German items in this one but bear with me folks. If this belongs in a better section feel free to move. Got this haul from an estate sale in IL this weekend. The lot was much larger but someone else bought the rest. Turns out the husband of the granddaughter who was running the sale (selling her grandfather's items) is an active duty Navy SEAL. They were kind enough to send this t-shirt and a legitimate Trident purchased on his base. I probably overpaid a bit (paid $600), but I was also helping her identify items and I thought this was a very unique opportunity to get some SEAL items that they didn't have to get me. Have not yet received the items, this is a seller provided photo but was too excited to wait to share.


The Mein Kampf is personalized.

The flag is double sided with a rope tie, size 88" x 41".

Multi-piece construction armband.

All medals belong to her grandfather, Irving Kangas. My understanding is he had something to do with communications during the war.







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This topic was moved from the Display section to the more appropriate Spoils of War section.


Just a reminder that we do have a sister forum called the World Militaria Forum where you can post your non-US items to share with other collectors.



Always looking for US and foreign militaria from the Central American wars circa 1970-1990




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