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Old Military Belt HELP ID

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Got this belt with a bunch of mid/late 19th century US Army & Navy belts. I could ID all but this strange one. Definitely very old maybe much older than the other belts. The letters are brass/nickle plated. The small buckle design also looks very old. I would be interested in any feedback. THANKS








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I do not think that is a belt nor is it military.


The initials are a company name G.W.F. Co. , whatever that company is I have no idea.


I also believe it to be strap of some function for a trunk or the like. Certainly old and maybe early 20th century

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Cobra 6 Actual

It has some similarity to volunteer fire company belts of the mid-1800’s. The parade belts are much more fancy, but this looks like more like an every day belt. 

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It looks like GW Fire Company.


Could be a strap for some piece of equipment or instrument?

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