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WIA PA Purple Heart


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This one is on the way to me !

Enlisted 1942 in Coast Artillery 

WIA Feb 1945 

From Phila. Pa 

No other info ? Anyone help find what unit he was ?




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Tough to find unit info on a WIA without contacting St. Louis - I have gotten lucky 1 out of 10 to find something online


That is why I usually steer clear of WIA PH's 


Good Luck



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I Still like this one he was from my old neighborhood in Philadelphia. Probably road my bike past his house !

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Found some hits on ancestry he traveled a bit to Bermuda and some cruises in the 50 and 60s 

died ‘May 1993 at age of 69 .

Wounded  In the hand Feb 1945  treated at a unknown aid station at unknown location. 
Unit type 1 on WWII army  hospital  admission card . any  idea on what unit type 1 means ?

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