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Careful of Newly Appearing "Meyer" Wings

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I have been seeing a few of these Meyer wings suddenly appearing, specious to the core as far as I'm concerned. Some have warped flat rear presentation and some an undulating dip in the shield as this one. Be very careful gentlemen.

s-l400 (4).jpg

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Good pickup. Looks like someone is either reproducing or re-striking Meyer's earlier "detailed" feather pattern. Decent looking hardware but totally incorrect reverse badge details, finish and markings.


The reverse should look more like the following (note this particular one is not sterling);





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Great post Mel, inexperienced collector’s could be confused by this previously unseen variation of a Meyer re-strike or copy.

Good images Mike, this wing pattern was first produced by Meyer in the 1920’s and is referred to as a first pattern Meyer, seen till mid WWII.
It was produced in Sterling, Nickel and Brass.



...and on the eighth day, God created the radial engine...

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Wow, those are odd.  Haven't seen those around before but I have to admit I don't look at eBay or any of the other haunts much anymore.  I do a lot of 3D printing and the back of the wing looks like the layer lines you get with a 3D printer.  Obviously these aren't 3D printed but it has that look.  Funky looking wing.  Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention Mel.  

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1 hour ago, bschwartz said:

...the back of the wing looks like the layer lines you get with a 3D printer...


If that is not evidence of linear sintering, then it is likely an artifact indicating use of a "roller" press instead of an arbor type (straight down) press.




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