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Hello, military historian here

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I registered because someone put some pictures up of US guided bombs from the VB series and I thought I'd add some information seeing as how I was writing a book on advanced technology in WW 2, mostly having gotten tired of the "Germany had the greatest (fill in the blank)" nonsense.   While not a collector, I think my value as a contributor is I can often identify and give far more background to items that others have.

For example, some years ago, a Belgian found a dog tag in the Ardennes belonging to a US soldier.  From that tag he had posted up, I found the man's relatives, then his wife and children in Florida and set up a contact so the tag could be returned to them.  His wife told us he was in the 106th Infantry Division-- something I had already discovered-- but details of his being a POW then of a visit to Germany decades later where he was still having PTSD flashbacks about that time hearing Germans speaking around him.

All that from a dogtag.



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