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U.S. Army Football Helmet

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I was wondering if I could get some help with this cool WWII U.S. Army football helmet I received.  


I think it's a legitimate example, but I'm having some difficulties determine what purposes this version was used for, and, how much it's worth?


I realize this is not the kind most associated with Airborne training, although I suppose it's possible these were used for that purpose as well?


Any comments are very much appreciated ! 



Steve Turner






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Seen as an alternitve Tank Helmet in the 1940-41 period, not that widespread we suppose.




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If I recall correctly, slightly modified football helmets were put to use post war for armored crews in lieu of the "M38's" that were no longer being produced. There was a gap filled with them between the end of production on the pre-war '38's until the later T-56 CVC style were finally fielded. Same reason why the "Euro-clone" tanker lids were utilized in Europe.

I used to have football helmet similar to this one, just not in the great condition with the suspension, lining.

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Here is one I acquired frpm an estate.The son had been an officer in a Parachute Field Artillery and died state side in an accident from what I discovered.








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Looks a bit different. I suppose there were a lot of football helmets made. Only provenance could pin it to early armor or, less likely, airborne use. Maybe the Army team used it.


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Thanks for the replies! 


I will be listing this example on my site, and wanted to be sure it was described properly.  


Much appreciated!


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That might be a QMC2 tank training helmet. If so it be stamped on the exterior back of the the helmet QMC2.


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