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Grandfather's stuff


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Very nice! thumbsup.gif I am glad you didnt have to wrestle anybody for it. When certain famliy types sees value attached to some items they go crazy, all in the name of trying to make a buck.

Lets have a look at that push pin lock. Dave


Dave, sorry it took so long, but here is the lock.



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General Apathy

Hi Steve, as stated by everyone else great grouping of equipment you have there, fascinated by the style of the brass lock, not seen one in a style like that before, is there a patent date on it at all.


Cheers ( Lewis )

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There are 2 dates on the shackle 9-17-07 and 4-17-09. When I got it, it was locked and I tried for months to figure out the combo. I finaly looked up the patent and there were nice diagrams on how the whole thing worked. Knowing that, I figured out how to stick a small pin next to where the shackle entered and was able to trip the lock. Once open, there was a procedure to reset and in turn, change the combo. I changed it and now can open it with no problem (that is after a bit of a cleaning internally).


The combo could be set between 1 and 8 buttons that had to be pushed up or down at the same time. It is a bit difficult if combinations of pins had to be both pushed up or down at the same time, have to get the fingers just right to do it. It is a really neat setup.

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I apologize in advance, but I've been away from this for a while and forgot to ask what any of this might be worth from an insurance standpoint. I'm not too sure if any of it is hard to find, but the condition of most of it is very good. I'm not selling any of it, so no worries about breaking up the grouping. The carbine and colt I've had collectors help with the value, but would appreciate any feedback on the other things. I also met up with my uncle who has many more of my grandfathers war pictures (I'm going to scan and save those). He even has his military photo ID's.


I would guess that most of the field gear is common, but perhaps any of the makers marks are good to collect? Just trying to get an idea so my kids (and grandkids someday) will be able to appreciate what they will inherit.


Thanks for all that have commented. This is such a thorough site and am amazed at what you all are able to find!



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