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Perhaps WWII radar receiver?

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Hello I found this equipment at a thrift store and could not pass on it. The insides are quite valuable as the tubes would run over $1k, but I would like to know what I’ve actually found and am unable to locate the same equipment anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I feel bad for parting a piece which might be one of a kind or has important history. The only writing identifiable is a red “M6” stamp on front and a label which says its been treated with fungus preventative in 1945. Thank you for all your aid!





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Not a radar component per se.........it's an oscilloscope used for testing and calibrating radar equipment


Manufacturer:    United Cinephone Corporation (USA)
Model:                    TS100/AP, S#604C


Oscilloscope 001.jpg


Oscilloscope 002.jpg



Link to Manual here from the Oscilloscope Museum website


Nice late WWII piece of electronic gear.


(Salvage Sailor was a 'Scope Dope', a USN Radarman.....)


PS - A bit of Naval Trivia - The rating insignia for a USN Radarman (now an Operations Specialist) is an Oscilloscope Blip as seen below



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Awesome thank you for your help! I wonder if its worth trying to sell it complete or piece it out since the tubes are quite valuable.

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