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Bob Hudson

78th Division History with vet's handwritten notes

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This Chicago veteran enlisted in November 1943 and joined the 78th Division Sept. 12, 1944. He wrote notes in the 1947 history book as well in two pamphlets. Based on those it appears he was with the 2nd Rangers and "worked with" the 309 and 311th Infantry Regiments (with the 311th  at Remagen). One photo in the book shows two soldiers he knew: both later hit by enemy fire while he was just behind them.


The book spine is in bad condition, but the inside is intact and his few notes personalize this history.























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On 6/7/2020 at 10:02 PM, Bob Hudson said:












Hi Bob. Thanks for sharing these. I loved seeing the 78th histories and especially the notes that Mr. Lulo wrote inside. Really brings history to life!

One of my closest vet friends was Sam Wells, from Co. F of the 310th. He actually won a contest during the early occupation period to design a new DI for the 310th. It was accepted briefly and made in Germany. For some reason, soon after the 310th decided not to use the design but to keep the old crest so these briefly made German ones are quite rare. He gave me the one he had. 

Also that photos of GI's advancing across the Cologne Plain reminded me of a story he told me. While crawling across a field which offered little concealment he suddenly felt a large whack on his head and his helmet spun off and away. He said I laid their surprised for a moment and looked at my buddies around me who were all looking at me white as ghosts. Here a sniper had knocked off his helmet but he was not hurt at all other than having a headache. He said, we moved as fast as we could out of that field and he had no helmet for awhile. He often said how much he wished that he had that helmet as a souvenir of his close call with death. I was able to record an interview with him in which he shared that story as well as some others. He was a great friend who I still miss.






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