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It’s about 6” tall and heavy with the names of many people engraved in it with the years 1913, 14,15,16 after many of the names. Most names are common but I found one that I attached but he appears to be Army.ec1969cb7d4ed8d474362e2e36062229.jpg









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Not sure about the names on the outside of the bell. Navy ship bells are used for religious services. If you are baptized on the ship (normally under or around the bell), you can have your name inscribed on the inside of the bell. The bell remains with the ship until decommissioned. After decommissioning, the bell remains with the Department of the Navy.

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Given the small size it is probably not a ship's bell but rather off of a boat. As to the Army connection remember that until the creation of the Military Sealift Cmd the Army supplied their own water transportation and the Army actually had more boats than the Navy.



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I believe it might have something to do with a college or fraternity. The dates of 1913, with just 14, 15, and 16 after it as column headings for the names under it may be class years.


I found a probable hit on findagrave for O.S Nau (probably Otto S. Nau, born 1893) and one possible hit for R.J. Barritt (probably Robert J. Barritt, born 1893/1894). That would put these two men around 22 or 23 years old in 1916, which is fairly typical age for college graduates.


What state/city/area was the bell found? Was it found with other military items that may lead you to believe it has a military connection? How many names are engraved on the bell? What year is B.M. Noone found under?



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