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Stupid question, but is there a correct way that the E Tool is supposed to go into the plastic carrying case? (handle towards front flap or shovel head towards front flap)

Just curious. Thanks 

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I honestly don't know the answer, but when I had to have one on my 782 gear, I always put it so the flat of the shovel was against my pack.  I'm not sure it made any difference, but if I dropped my pack, fell etc. there was less chance that anything inside the pack would take damage. 


But, my experience with 782 gear was limited to two tours with the Navy Seabees.  So about 16 two week field exercises and various 1 week forced fun exercises.     

Jon B.

Newaygo MI

Always looking for information on the USMC from 1916 - 1920, exp the 11th Company in Haiti and in WW1, 4th 5th, HQ Company.

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I don’t know if there is an “official” orientation, but since I was first issued one to this day (one rides with me in my work vehicle where it comes in handy) I always carried it handle toward the flap.  It seems to fit better that way- the contours of the front of the pouch going with the handle folds and the smooth rear of the pouch fitting the shovel blade.  I would assume it was designed to be oriented that way, but never saw it in writing/was told to do it that way by higher authority.  

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Like everyone else said. Handle to the flap. 


I don't even know if it would fit the other way around. 


I know M56 carriers are sort of sewn with contours that I think it only goes in the carrier one way. I think WWII have a similar contour. 


Don't have any e tools currently so going from memory. 

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