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Vintage Medicines & Adhesive Tapes

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Over the years I've acquired a significant collection of WWII and Korean War era USGI medical supplies. Among the USGI medical supplies I've obtained, there are vintage boxes of gauze, spools of adhesive tape, bottles of Mercurochrome, Merthiolate, iodine, Spirits of Ammonia and tins of Ointment. I have no idea as to whether these items were part of a medical kit or an item that a GI purchased and added to his medical supply for personal use. Are any of these items part of a med kit? What say you?


Adhesive Tape.jpg

Bottles, Medicine.jpg

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As far as the first picture goes the only item I see that may have been used in any kit would be the 2" x 5 yard adhesive plaster that was a component in some WW2 corpsman bags.


In the bottom picture the four Halco iodine vials would have been in some of the 24 unit vehicle first aid kits.  More likely Korea war era.  Can't recall if Halperin made a WW2 24 unit kit or not off the top of my head.  Not really the correct style for M2 jungle kits as they lack the protective cap.


The MSA wooden iodine vial would be correct for the M1 and early M2 jungle kits.


Nothing else appears military issue to me






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Thank you, sir, I appreciate it. I will hold onto the P&S 2" x 5 yard plaster, Halco & MS iodine vials. I will place the rest of these items for sale on a vintage medicine site. I also have an interesting snake bite kit that includes an A.E. Halperin Iodine dab, a white Tourniquet that I need to ID. Will post those items now.


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