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115th Inf. DDay uniform to a local vet

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Uniform and personal items of TSgt. Cecil Chauncey Hull. Hull was born on July 21st, 1921 in Moulton, Texas and enlisted in the Texas National Guard in November of 1940. After the United States became involved in WWII, TSgt. (then PFC.) Hull was transferred to the 115th Infantry Regiment, where he undertook vigorous training both in the United States and overseas in England. On June 6, 1944 at 1025 hours, TSgt. Hull landed on Fox Green beach during the second wave of landings at D-Day, following the decimation of the 116th Infantry Regiment. He would see combat with the 115th throughout the rest of their campaigns serving as a squad leader. Hull was injured in April, 1945 during the crossing of the Elbe due to shell fragmentation wounds to the face, and was discharged that same month. After spending another 27 years in the Army he would retire as a CSM, eventually passing away in 2015 near San Antonio, Texas. I am truly honored to be the caretaker of this piece of Texas history and plan to visit his grave in the near future.







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Can’t really ask for a better uniform, glad you ended up with this one!

GEN. David R. Atchinson- MO State Guard ACW

PVT. John H. Drury- Co. A, 27th Ky IR ACW Died of Typhoid

PVT. Henry E. Thomas- Co. I, 17th Ky IR ACW

PVT. Joseph E. Drury- Co. E, 356th IR, 89th ID WWI WIA

SGT. Edward P. Drury- 51st QM Training Co. WWII

PFC. Delmer C. Koonter- Co. I, 142nd IR, 36th ID WWII WIA

SC3c Michael C. Drury- LCS (L) (3) 70 WWII

SGT. Steven D. Koonter- 5th Cav, 1st Cav Div Vietnam

SGT. John M. Drury- 227th AVN Bn. 1st Cav Div Vietnam


Contact me with IDd WWII 36th Division, SSI Navy, Aviation, or Kentucky veteran uniforms.

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