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please help me identify

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Screenshot_20190612-011316_Photos.jpg.bbf5f66816ecd186ddf699a8e329b70e.jpgScreenshot_20190612-011316_Photos.jpg.bbf5f66816ecd186ddf699a8e329b70e.jpgScreenshot_20190612-011316_Photos.jpg.bbf5f66816ecd186ddf699a8e329b70e.jpgScreenshot_20190612-011316_Photos.jpg.bbf5f66816ecd186ddf699a8e329b70e.jpgScreenshot_20190612-011316_Photos.jpg.bbf5f66816ecd186ddf699a8e329b70e.jpgScreenshot_20190612-011316_Photos.jpg.bbf5f66816ecd186ddf699a8e329b70e.jpgcan anyone please tell me something about this knife. My grandfather gave it to me 25 years ago and I don't know anything about it  and its a really nice knifeScreenshot_20190612-011316_Photos.jpg.bbf5f66816ecd186ddf699a8e329b70e.jpg

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The knife commemorattes the miracle of Lourdes when Marie-Bernarde Soubirous saw or heard the virgin Mary in a cave at Lourdes France in 1858.



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