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Help With Foam For Fitting Pads?

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I have the HGU-47(V)4/P helmet pictured below, used by the TACCO VP-47 Golden Swordsman in the mid 80's.  I would like to install the fitting pads but need some help sourcing the proper foam.


The foam for the pads was completely melted when I got it, I do have the outer "leather" that was glued to the foam.


I thought about just obtaining a new fitting set (also pictured below), however, I would really like to use the original pieces if I can as the rest of the helmet is original.


My thought was to get the correct foam, glue the "leather" to it and then cut them out and install.


My questions are;


What type of foam (open cell, closed cell, something else...)?

What color (black, gray)?


Was it the flame retardant type?


Any information would be greatly appreciated!











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Hello to a fellow Mountaineer,

Give Eric a call at GSI .He makes the pads you pictured.He can tell you what foam he uses or he may sell you some.#1-860-247-7787.

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