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A/B Westinghouse Liner with ID- Research ???

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I recently bought a A/B liner with the name George L. Huber and his serial number painted inside. #13001006. I have found some records...he enlisted 11/3/1940.

He was from the Baltimore area..close to where we use to live.

On the one archive record it looked like it said cavalry. This is one of 3 A/B lines I have with names and serial numbers. Looking on line, I usually can get their date of birth, death,

enlistment date, rank and in some cases a photo of their grave site. All off the internet.


How do I get unit information, combat engagement and more history on this guy ? I was told by another member here that member... 2nd. Inf. Div. ...may help.


Any suggestions and many thanks..you all be safe out there! 




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Your best bet would be to send a FOIA request to the National Archives in DC. Since you verified that is ASN is in fact #13001006, you should be set. Not sure if his records survived the burn, but it's worth a shinola IMHO.

"War is young men dying and old men talking"




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