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Are there Pre-CW Reenacting groups anymore?

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When we were little, there were lots of Revolutionary War, French and Indian War, and War of 1812 reenactors and groups. Tons of people did it, and in the homeschooling groups, it was really big! You don't seem to see that much anymore. Are there not many Pre-Civil War reenacting groups or interest anymore?

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There is quite a large community of War of 1812 reenactors in the Indiana-Ohio area. I am a member of the White River Guard in Noblesville, Indiana. We portray a typical Indiana Militia of the 1812 era.


We attend, as active historical interpreters, several annual events in the Northeastern Indiana and northwestern Ohio area. These events are:


Winter Garrison, Old Fort Wayne, Indiana

Siege of For Meigs, Perrysburg, Ohio

Siege of Fort Wayne, Old Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fortfest, Fort Jennings, Ohio

Stone's Trace, Ligonier, Indiana

Battle of Mississenewa, Marion,Indiana


We have also attended several events for the War of 1812 era:


The Hermitage, Nashville, Tn., Honoring the 250th Birthday of Andrew Jackson. and the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans in 2014.


We are always looking for new members and welcome potential recruits of any gender, race or creed. We have several ladies as regular members. Our ladies portray militia soldiers as well as camp followers.


I mentioned above that we are Historical Interpreters. We frequently interact with guests and visitors at several events we attend. Our goal is too immerse the visitor in living history, and we strive to make our camp presentation historically accurate.


If you would like to join our group, or just attend an event, we can assist you with all the camp gear you might need on a loan basis. This includes tenting, mess, weapons and other camp gear you might need. With advance notice we can even provide period correct clothing for either a camp follower or a soldier. here is a link to our website.




Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, most of our 2020 events up to this date have been cancelled. We have three more events scheduled that as of today are still on:


Fortfest, Fort Jennings, Ohio - Aug 12-14, 2020

Stone's Trace, Ligonier, Indiana - Sep 9-13, 2020

Battle of Mississinewa, Marion, Indiana - Oct 8-11, 2020


Also, we have partner units in the Indiana/Ohio area:


2nd Kentucky Regiment

5th Indiana


There is also a unit or two in Ohio, but I don't recall their title at this moment.


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I definitely see a lot of it here in Virginia, our state being full of Revolutionary War history. At Mount Vernon there are tons of programs that involve reenactors throughout the year. Thinking on it now, seeing those guys is probably what got me into the wider reenacting world in the first place.

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