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Picked Up A-4 flight suit.


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Hello All,

I got a great deal on this. The seller was very open to Haggling. This alone started at $150 and the shoe's for $45. I got this and a pair of private purchase WW2 Army officer shoes for $155.

 This is in very good condition, Has a small professional repair to the material just below the belt and a little scatter paint stain on the rear of the left leg.

It has a faint AAF stamp on the left sleeve.1939131807_A4boughtAAFstamponleftarm.jpg.fcf79b2a788c41068ddcae2782345ee1.jpg700516380_A4boughttag.jpg.5e5ca6c2c2164adab964044a35e445b5.jpg

I got this to start on my Uncle's B-17 crew display.



I would to Thank Paul for all of the help in identifying and guidance in what I needed to buy for my display. It is very much appreciated!!

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