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Chinese made 843rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Special Weapons Bat.


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This is a rare wing that is sometimes attributed to the 843rd AAA battalion.  This was a group that was attached to various AAF units in the CBI theater of operations and were involved in protecting AAF bases (primarily in China).  The 843rd was attached to the 10th, 14th and 20th AAF and saw only sporadic combat during the war (due to allied air superiority against the Japanese).  They were moved by air and may have been acting with the 51st Fighter Group flying the P61 black widow night fighters.


This wing is sometimes linked to the 843rd group as a liaison or observer type rating.  However, I couldn't find any proof of this.  As noted, they were defending the various air bases from basically the rare and sporadic harassing attacks of the air fields by lone Japanese planes. 


About the wing. it is a nice Chinese/Indian made wing.  It is cut from a rather thick planchet, with home-made hinge and catch.  It is had carved and is only marked "Silver".  The back shows some hammer marks.  The center is a coastal artillery crossed canyon, that appears to be have been die stamped (and maybe taken off a "regular" branch of service insignia). One could always argue that it is a later add on, but I am of the opinion that it is a vintage addition, not a newly made "Frankenstein" monster.

I have seen two different versions of this wing.  One is illustrated in several books and periodically shows up in various auctions. Whether this is the same wing working its away around collections or a couple/3 examples, I don't know (but they are rather rare, no matter what).  This version is on a totally different Chinese made wing pattern.  I have only ever seen this example here in my collection.




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In comparison, here is another version (the more "common" type) for comparison.  This is "borrowed" off of Flyingtigers site.  The wing base is different.  I have seen at least 2 different versions, and apparently one is autobiographical to an 843rd guy.



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That is way cool!  What an intriguing wing.  I can think of a number of scenarios where a badge like this "could" be worn, and now I am dying to know the actual circumstances behind it.  Coast Artillery on planes firing artillery guns (Ala the P-61 or B-25H)?  Forward Air Controllers?  The mind reels!


Thank you for sharing.



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