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A2 appraisal


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An appraisal should be given based on not only the item but on who’s asking for the help.
If you don’t know the poster why even help ?

I just had a go around with a moron and some tiger Cammo here
He couldn’t be even bothered to thank the forum when the post was Pulled be a sensitive mod who didn’t even know what the subject matter was and who’s out of his depth.

Bottom line
We are a caring forum as long as you don’t play games with the knowledge offered


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I would agree, that the same users doing weekly (or more) “is it real” / price checks on the same subject matter gets a little old.  

I don’t have a problem getting someone started, as I’ve had a lot of help over the years, but at a certain point they have to start baiting their own hook.


There are 1000s of topics on whatever you like here.  I think a lot of it comes down to laziness, and wanting instant gratification.


So it’s easier to just flop on the beach with pics, and ask the originality and value question.  However, by doing so, you avoid the learnings that come from research; hence relegating yourself to always having to depend on others.  

What are you going to do if you see something at a garage sale?  Post pics on the forum, and chill out in their yard waiting for a response?  While you’re doing so, somebody with the knowledge will scoop up the item.


Again, let me be clear:  I think new collectors asking questions is great - I did, and still do, when I move out of my lane.  That is, if the goal is education.  

Just my opinion.



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This place is a discussion forum and pricing is a big part of the discussion.


I have no problem offering my experience even if it is used the way the OP did.


Actually we have no idea what the OP is doing posting this jacket here.


I would think if your dealing with an institution you would need a legal paper with a professional appraisal.


Be it as it may, this has been an interesting read and the conflict over money in this hobby will always intrigue me.



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I think it was not only the appearance of the jacket but the similarity to a post from a while back - maybe on the VLJ forum, which I’m no longer involved with. This jacket is obviously dolled up and the inquiry is therefore suspect based on the innocent story of the OP. 

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