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Honeybun III, 42-100533 C-47 D-Day

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For a new diorama, I'm planning on making a scene of paratroopers loading for D-Day.

I've got the Dakota MK III from Italeri and it has decals for the Honeybun III.

These decals are for the version of 1945.

If I want to make the Honeybun III with correct decals and markings for D-Day, what should be on it and what not?

Please help me, so I can make an accurate diorama. 

(pictures are from 1945)


Here's what I think was on it for D-Day

- Invasion stripes

- Honeybun III logo

- No mission history


And here's a list of what I'm not sure about

- Black or red ring around nose?

- Silver painted nose or standard green?

- Camouflage scheme or just plain green paint? 





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