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Bataan 1942 (1/35th - 1/32nd)

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Inspiration came from the last scene in the 1943 movie BATAAN. For those of you who haven't seen it, SGT Bill Dane (31st Infantry Regiment) is the last man standing from a mixed squad of 13, tasked with holding off the advancing Japanese as long as they can.





You didn't think we were here, did you, you dirty, rotten rats? But we're still here, we'll always be here. Why don't you come and get it? 


Another quarantine project, based on a H&R 54mm lead M1917 Browning watercooled model that I built 20+ years ago and - somewhere along the way - had two of it's tripod legs broken off. Note that the movie used a Vickers Mk I Water Cooled.


The other major component is a nose fragment from a 75mm projectile.  Work left to be done includes some detail painting, rolling and laying a few strands of barbed wire, fitting the last belt of ammunition (TAMIYA spare parts) to the Browning, and maybe the cross for Bill Dane's self-dug grave.




For stability, a dowel was glued into the fragment and a hole drilled in the base. Note the remains of concrete in the fuse well. 




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Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen. Posted purely as inspiration for what can be done with artifacts (like this guy's work - no further details)



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