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34th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Vietnam) ??

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Hi Members, Organizing my patches, Is this an original patch...

worn on a flight suit... or worn on a party suit...during the Vietnam War?


Thank you for your time and opinion!

s-l1600 (92).jpg

s-l1600 (93).jpg

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Here's a couple. The no bolt one was F-105 era, the bolt one was later F-4. These are both Thai made. There are tons of variations, I have about 10 or so.

34tfs 2.jpg

34tfs 5.jpg

MSgt USAF (Ret)

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H Randy,  I have a Vietnam War ORIGINAL tanker from a lieutenant who was there from 5 Dec3,1973

through the end of the war KORAT  RTAFB  34TH  TAC FTR SQDN  FLYING a F-4E as is indicated from

 the inscriptions.


So my patch, from your viewing...doesn't fit that time frame ...at all?

This tanker came from his estate.


By the way...Nice Patches!


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Hard to say, but your patch looks US made. Was it glued into an album? Looks like paper bits on the back. The only time they used the black lines in the white puffs was at Hill after the war, and only a short time. Those were unofficial and soon dropped. One thing about estates and really anything from an old crew member: They forget! I have a lot of contact with pilots, and the amount of stuff I have gotten mislabeled, or picked up years after they got out as a souvenir but now think is real, is substantial. Your patch still looks late 70s early 80s. Holding it would help being more definitive, but hard to do that on here!



MSgt USAF (Ret)

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To answer your question, the patch has never been glued down, no paper bits.  You are looking at the threading and the lighting

when picture was taken.  Yes,  it is difficult to determine age without the patch in hand  However,  your information has been

essential.  I will keep this mind before purchasing again.  Thank you for accommodation!

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