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Marbles Jet Pilot Knife in original box

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Hi folks. New to the forums but not new to collecting. I snagged this in March from Craigslist. It came from the estate of a former Navy corpsman (via his cousin) who served in Vietnam and was issued this knife. Original box. 6" unmarked Marbles. 






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nice minty knife. only way to get them right from a family member.







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Arisaka99- Welcome to the forum. Great knife! First Marbles I have ever seen in the original box. Thanks for showing!  SKIP

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She offered it to her son who said he wasn't interested in it. A local dealer said it was worth $50-$75 so they put it on Craigslist for $125. I didn't know it was Marbles but I did know it was likely a very early JPSK (research and help after). The bottom of the box was pretty badly split open along 3 sides and had the top layers of cardboard torn up inside where it had ripped. I used some non acidic crafter's glue, Q-tips, and fine point paint brushes to get it stabilized for display; I won't put it back into the lid again because it is a terribly tight fit and would likely resplit the seams.





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Holy .... is that a BEAUTIFUL knife!!  Congratulations wow just wow and the deal of the century too



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