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This just sold under Morphy's hammer for $3500 plus premiums, which kinda surprised me.  It does have most of a scabbard, which are very rare even compared to the sabers, but I thought the problems with the saber would balance it out.  It's missing the tip of the blade, the edge is notched up pretty good, and it's been re-hilted.  That peen is not original.


Maybe the saber will reappear in the near future without the scabbard....









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You are right that it is a pretty rough Starr.  It only takes two guys to drive up the hammer price in an auction.  Pretty expensive for a dealer.   My guess is there were two guys who both needed a place holder.  As you say, when they find a better one this one will probably re-appear in some new guise.  



"You can't please everyone so you have got to please yourself." Ricky Nelson



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