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WW1 Trench Art Shell

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Here is a nice WW1 bringback but I cannot figure out what Country the Soldier was that made it. I figured it is not Russian. Maybe French? can anyone help on this one? Thanks in advance, Pony.





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Looks Greek to me (no, seriously).  Also, the caricature bears a resemblance to one of the Greek wartime prime ministers, Elefthérios Kyriákou Venizélos.


Dennis (Bertmedals)

Collecting WWI AEF relics, artifacts, and memorabilia

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Definitely Greek.  Bertmedals is correct.

Top word is  ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΟ translating as VENIZELO

The word directly before 1918 is ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥ( polemou) and translates to "war" in English.

Post a clear picture of the word proceeding that if you will.  

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