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Unknown patches - Vietnam era?

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I found these  among a big bag of patches I recently acquired.


Any idea what they are and how hold they are? The one with lion looks foreign


thanks for your help...



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The top middle is a patch of the 1st IDs DUI. Bottom left is 20th Engineer Brigade, maybe Viet made. The bottom right is US Army Mission to Iran.


Sorry, can’t really comment on authenticity or age.







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The United States Army in WWII

The United States Army in Vietnam

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551st PIB pocket and shoulder patches

504th PIR real deal pocket patch 

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They are all 50s/60s period the lion is for US army mission to Iran 

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THe upper right patch is indeed BSA -- Worn by Explorer Scouts in the late '50's and early '60's



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28 minutes ago, GIl Sanow said:

THe upper right patch is indeed BSA -- Worn by Explorer Scouts in the late '50's and early '60's

Interesting -thanks-I


Just for info: the red part of the engineer patch is made out of velvet or something. could be indeed viet made.


The Iran mission one seems kind of a scarce one . Can't find one like this online. Any idea of its value?


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