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Grant Mini-Series On The History Channel

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Has anyone seen the new Grant mini-series on the History Channel? Last night was the first night of this 3 day series. Overall, I thought it was pretty interesting, with a combination of reenactments of events and expert interviews. However, I felt the insane amount of commercials really degraded the enjoyability of the series. For this 2 hour series, it seemed like they would continually have 5 minutes of show and then 5 minutes of commercials. Did anyone else notice this too?



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despite being a Grant man, I was not aware of this even being a thing.  I will have to check it out.  Thanks for the heads up!





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I thought it was a great documentary, really enjoyed it and it was very well done.....mike

Always looking for and buying 50's era 11th Airborne/ 187th ARCT/ 82nd Airborne tac mark painted jump helmets!





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