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Question on Devil Dog tab ?


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I have a question on this Signal Co. tab because I couldn't find anything about this unit.This tab was pictured with an Eighth Army patch , so I guess it could be from the  Korean War era.If I'm right it's a Signal Long Line unit ?  Who of you can tell me, what Signal unit wore this tab and was it attached to the Eighth Army ? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.




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I found some vets from the "8th Army Signal Long Lines". With the Devil and Dog,  may indicate Co D.  Not entirely familiar w/ SC "long line' all I remember is they repaired our PRC 10s ha ha...so let's have some others chime in.


Looks later than KW era.  


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Long Lines companies were Army Signal Command level units that handled the installation/maintenance/operation of permanent telephone systems, I believe.  Switching centers, main trunks, etc.  They were part of Signal Operations Battalions in the late 1950s and later, lasted until the 80's?


8th Army was served by the "8226th GHQ Long Lines Service Group".  It eventually became the Korean Communications Zone Long Lines Signal Group.  Long Line units seem to have served pretty dispersed.  The 8226th and related units had campaign participation credit from the UN Defensive to Korea Summer-Fall 1953.

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