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I am not sure if this is the place I should ask this question but does anyone know anything about the Citation A L'Ordre De L' Armee?  Where they issued to French & American soldiers during WW1?  Did any one ever see any for sale? 




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I believe you are talking about the French Croix de guerre with Palm. The phrase roughly means that an individual or unit was mentioned in a Citation of the day at a French "Army Headquarters"

Wiki Link can give you a general ideal about the Croix de guerre. An individual would receive a medal along with a citation for the award. A unit so cited, all members of the unit would be authorized to wear a French Fourragère of the Croix de guerre 1914-1918. Several American units have received such an award.

Individual would receive the medal with appropriate star or palm along with the French Accolade with his name written into the award. The Army, Navy or Marine Corp would authorize the service member to accept the medal and a copy of the US Military translation would be placed in the individual service file/


After WWI the Marine Corps sent each marine that served in the 4th Marine Brigade 2D Division AEF a copy of the French Award to his unit and an individual card stating that he was authored to wear the award. The Army just issued a set of orders stating that the solider named in the document was authorized to wear the Fourragère in uniform which was placed in his personal files.







To answer your question, yes such awards for units and individual for sale in multiple venues.


There are folks on the forum more knowledge then me that who can provide more information.





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