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Today I would like to honor this American Hero's sacrifices for our country and the people of South Vietnam. Dennis Herron was killed in action by small arms fire on May 31st, 1968 in Binh Duong Province. Denny received the Bronze Star for Bravery and two Purple Hearts. While serving in Vietnam, Denny wrote letters every couple weeks to his First Cousin, Gail. These letters were acquired directly from the family. The letters document his service and describe the hardships a Combat Infantryman went through while serving in Vietnam. There are also newspapers clippings, including one with a powerful poem Denny sent back home. The most amazing item in the grouping is a letter written less than 48 hours before he was killed, where he describes that he will be going back into the field. This would of been Denny's last letter home. Because of the sacrifices that Denny made, as well as as the sacrifices that all veterans have made, we are able to enjoy the freedoms we have today. Thank you Denny for your service to our country, your memory will never be forgotten.






















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Thanks for sharing and thanks to this young man for giving up his freedoms and sacrificing so much for me and my family to live in this great country. RIP soldier.

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