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CASU-67 | Carrier Aircraft Service Unit SIXTY-SEVEN


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CASU-67 | Carrier Aircraft Service Unit SIXTY-SEVEN


MCAS Edenton, NC


Originally constructed during World War II by the United States Navy as Marine Corps Air Station Edenton, today it is Northeastern Regional Airport, a public use airport in Chowan County, NC. MCAS Edenton hosted Marine Operational Training Group 81 (MOTG-81) and its subordinate squadrons. MOTG-81 trained pilots, aircrewmen and ground crews on the land-based PBJ-1 medium bomber, a U.S. Navy / U.S. Marine Corps variant of the U.S. Army Air Forces' B-25 Mitchell bomber that was operated by Marine bombing squadrons, primarily in the Pacific theater.


Chainstitch embroiderery on wool.



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