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T5 Chest Pack Parachute (501st)


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Hope the para experts can help here.


Can you tell me what do you thik about this T5 Chest Pack Parachute, please?

Is everything assembled in its right place as it should? Are there any signs of modern repro substitutions for the various components?

Unfortunately, there is only the pack tray : no canopy.


It has a "geronimo" thunderbolt marking, which (if authentic) attributes it to 501st PIR.


Thanks in advance.

Best regards.











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The Rooster


Not an expert by any means. I do have a much newer reserve chute though. But what looks weird about it to me

is that its very weathered including the 1943 stamp and then you have areas where the ink looks brand new ???

It confuses me. The mixture of old and new stamps.... ????

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Hey Rooster,  to me it looks like the "fresh" stamps are the factory applied stamps and the more faded are the field applied or post manufacture applied stamps...the different types of ink could cause the fading issue...

I like the worn canvas and the bungee cords...overall patina looks good...there are a few parachute hounds on the forum that can tell us more about the finer details and authenticity...from the pics and my limited knowledge, if I saw it at a show, i would surely be interested, 

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