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VT-87 | Torpedo Squadron EIGHTY SEVEN | "Winged Daggers"

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VT-87 | Torpedo Squadron EIGHTY SEVEN | "Winged Daggers"


Commissioned one July 1944 at Naval Air Station Quonset point Rhode Island. On 17 September 1944 the squadron departed Hyannis for Oceana. Departure for the West came on 24 January 1945 when the squadron embarked in USS Bunker Hill as passengers. On 28 January 1945, VT 87 disembarked at NAS Pearl Harbor, territory of Hawaii, reported for duty and proceeded to NAS Kahului, Maui. From 26 April 2 one May the squadron took custody of 15 new TBM-3E aircraft from CASU ONE on Ford Island. The unit reported for duty on the USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) and departed NAS Kahului on 3 May 1945.


In route to Ulithu, the Air Group conducted a one-day series of strikes against Taroa Island on the Japanese held atoll Maloelap. On 21 May the Ticonderoga arrived at Ulithi in the Admiralty Islands and after three days joined the first Fleet in the vicinity of Okinawa. The Ticonderoga joint Task Force 58 and 27 May. This period was occupied by operations against Okinawa, the Nansei Shoto, and Japan. On 28, 29, 30 and 31 day close support missions were flown over Okinawa. On four, six and seven June more close support and open our, and on nine and 10 June strikes were made on the Daito Shoto Islands.


On 11 June the fast Carrier force retired toward lite and on 13 June arrived in San Pedro Bay for what turned out to be a 19 day period of rest, repair, and replenishment. On to July the fast Carrier force sorted San Pedro Bay to begin the Midsummer campaign against the Japanese home islands. Shortly after leaving port, however, the Ticonderoga was forced to proceed independently to Guam for emergency repairs to a main shaft bearing, which repairs were not completed until 18 July. On 21 July the ship rejoined the task force and from that date until the cessation of hostilities on 15 August, the squadron participated in all Fast Carrier Task Force operations. Outstanding among these were the 24 and 28 July strikes against Japanese naval combatants ships at Kure in the Island Sea. Torpedo squadron 87 played a major role in the sinking of the Japanese XCV HUYGA and the heavy cruiser TONE. Following KURE, strikes were made against the Northern Honshu, and on 13 and 15 August the squadron participated in the last Allied aircraft strike of the war against TOKYO.


While in Oceana, the squadron adopted and had approved by the Bureau its insignia, a red -tipped dagger with gold wings, on a field of blue. The drawing suggested the name "Winged Daggers".


Silkscreened on aircraft fabric.




Source: Squadron Narrative History at Fold 3






Long-time collector of WWII Aviation: AAF, USN and USMC.




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The insignia as shown in the unit history and an original example in my collection that was removed from a flight jacket. The design is silk screened on the waterproof canvas used for engine and cockpit covers.



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Great patches guys, like a canvas made examples!





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