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Wallace Wilfred Wilhide Medal Info Wanted

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I have been a forum member for several years and seeing the various posts about medal groupings and purple hearts has finally led me to ask if anyone has any information or knows the location of any medals named to 1st. Lt. Wallace W. Wilhide USMCR? I always heard his name as Wallace Wilfred Wilhide. At some point, possibly a military records error, his name appears as Wilfred W. Wilhide, so it is possible the medals will be named that way.  I was named after him and his brother Robert who were both killed while flying off Okinawa.  When I was young teen, my Aunt, their mother, gave me Robert's medals.  They are pictured below with some newspaper clippings and a copy of the church bulletin from their memorial service. I never asked about Wallace's, medals, but were told they were similar to Roberts. I am not trying to obtain the awards, but I would like to know they have a good home.  The brothers were from Andrews, North Carolina, and I do believe the awards would have come from the Western North Carolina area. .  It is possible the medals were disposed of when their parents died and the home was cleaned out.  I would appreciate any information!DSCN2722.JPG.f9bd5b5ed6fbea88716b437bbc23eab6.JPG



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