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VP-28 | Patrol Squadron TWENTY EIGHT | first design (1948)


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VP-28 | Patrol Squadron TWENTY EIGHT | first design (1948)


Redesignated Patrol Squadron TWENTY EIGHT (VP-28) on 1 September 1948, the second squadron to be assigned the VP-28 designation.


The first insignia submitted by the squadron was approved by CNO on 24 November 1948. The central figure in the design was a pirate, or Privateer, symbolizing the type of aircraft flown by the squadron. The pirate was shown holding a bomb in either hand while standing astride a cloud equipped with a propeller and four cannon. He was obviously intent on sinking his victims below: a submarine and a surface ship. Colors: sky and water, blue; clouds, white; propeller and ship, brown and white; guns, bombs and submarine, black; pirate trousers, red; shirt, white; bandanna, red and white.


Decal on aviation canvas



Roberts, Michael D. Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons. Naval Historical Center. Washington, DC. 2000. Volume 2 p 184.

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