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Flyers asking civilians to leave Caen - 1944-June 6th and 7th

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I've recently purchased 2 copies of this flyer launched on Caen by the USAAF on 6th and 7th of June -1944 before the bombings by the 8th USAAF.

Unfortunately, time has done his work and they're not in a nice condition but they stay nice pieces of D-Day history I'm happy to share on the forum.



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These are super cool! Looks like they could use a nice archival frame! Thanks for sharing! 


I am an amateur collector of US military items of the 20th century.


Looking for items related to:

-The Aleutian Island Campaign of WW2 and more specifically the Battle of Attu

-Items related to the 50th Combat Engineer Regiment/Battalion

-Items related to Wheelus Air Force Base Libya, particularly from 1958-1960

-WW2 items belonging to service members from Northern Virginia

-Cheap/Throwaway WW2 named uniforms


^^ PM ME!


Instagram: @surplus_central https://instagram.com/surplus_central/

eBay: http://www.ebay.com/usr/giovachm

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