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Special Forces Airborne choc chip suit

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I picked this up on my travels.

Coat/trousers special forces airborne , 1970’s RDF design adopted in 1976 ( first year of production ) for operations in the Middle East by Spec Ops. The suit is a multi purpose outfit that can be worn as a hot or cold weather with a button in M51/65 liner both trousers and coat. These are not the 1972 trials desert uniform , these however could have been a part of the later MASTERS tests in 1975 or as a result of.

These were decommissioned and sold as surplus to Saudi which this uniform has been..

I have included the original 1977 label and the replacement , the replacement still carries the US DLA numbers.








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Thanks for posting.  Interesting piece.  Have never seen one.

Semper Fi





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Very nice. Any Idea as to the maker? I have a 77 DPSC contract RDF cut, but in Brown Dominant ERDL. Interesting to see a standard DSA contract number I would of thought something like this would have been made in house. Thanks for posting

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This is a hard suit to find
Well done

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