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Identity Unknown (1945)

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"Identity Unknown" from 1945. This is just a little B WWII movie, but one that sure is worth the time of watching! Richard Arlen and Cheryl Walker lead the cast. The story is really a cool idea! While this is no "Longest Day" or thing of that sort, it is really a cool look at the families at home who lost boys in the war. 


Richard Arlen is a serviceman who was found injured on a battlefield and can no longer rememebr who he is. Five of them were found in a shelled-out building, and he was the only survivor. They have five dog tags, but no way to ID which was his. So, he takes the names and addresses from the five dog tags and starts his journey to visit each family to find out who he is. It is a cross-section picture of American families who lost sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers. City to country, old to young, man and girl. You'll be waiting to find out the end! 


Bit of trivia --- as the son of one of the soldiers, is young Bobby Driscoll, who would go on to be the voice and model of Disney's animated "Peter Pan". 


All in all, an enjoyable little flick, especially for anyone interested in WWII homefront. It is on Amazon Prime and even in the cheap Combat Classic sets you get in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. 


identity unknown.JPG


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