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Vietnam War platoon or patrol leader map A Shau Valley A Luoi

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I found this 1:50,000 map that looks like it was “there.” It shows Laos and Quang Tri . The area of operations is under old lamination. It shows an incursion into Laos. The terrain is very steep and mountainous according to the contour lines. The map is of A Luoi but include Laos and the a Quang Tri province in the vicinity of the A Shau valley. There is a infantry company position on the far west edge of the map just beyond the lamination. There are patrol routes and one enters into Laos in a pattern consistent with 2nd Bn 9th Marines during Dewey Canyon. Does anyone recognize the actions featured here? A Luoi is a town along the Ho Chi Mihn trail that has an airfield built by the French. A Luoi was also a Special Forces camp that was over run but is appears to not be relevant in this action.




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A Luoi, along the Ho Chi Mihn trail but not too relevant for this event. Note the airstrip. Geo-spatial capability was not the best in this era (1965) when this map was made and it does show A Luoi as the developed town that it actually was.



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This route into Laos is similar to 2/9’s during Dewey Canyon. Here is a comparison with a graphic borrowed from Wikipedia covering the Operation Dewey Canyon.



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