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Would you consider B-1 trouser acceptable?

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Well I just got off the Phone with Phil, He is 99 and will be 100 in September. He couldn't remember what my uncle wore under the leather jacket, 

Considering it was 75 years ago and I doubt I could remember what my wife wore under her jacket last year. I'm happy with what info I get.

He said they wore a "Hodgepodge " of uniforms then. They all wore something different.

 Here is a kicker though, Phil was looking at that pic I posted of the crews and he said "When it got cold he would put on his leather jacket. I asked what type he wore.

He said like what Fioretti is wearing. Fioretti is the pilot and 3rd from the right top row. 

So I might be getting into the leather B-3 at some point in time. 


It also looks like TSgt Barraza is wearing a B-6 helmet in that pic of the crew......



Thank you all again.


Semper Fi



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