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Hello everyone.

Iv already been posting here for a couple weeks or so but realized I should post an introduction as well. Just a militaria/military history enthusiast looking to get to know like minded collectors and learn as much as I can. I’m primarily interested in camouflage uniforms from Vietnam to modern day but dabble in other things as well. Happy to be a member.  

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I'm from Maryland also.  My 3 uncles landed with 29th Division on Omaha Beach.  My boyscout master was also with the 175th Infantry, (29th). And he was the only enlisted man in WW2 that earned 4 Silver Stars.  I have several stories "mostly" about Marylanders on my website:  www.ww2dday.com  in the Photo-Gallery section.  Page 2 tell's about Joe Farinholt earning the 4th and final Silver Star that put him in a hospital for 2 years in Staunton, VA.  He blew the tread off a Tiger Tank, and the machine gunner got him as he ran back to his jeep to warn the CP.  




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