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M1 Helmet ID

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Recently found an M1 helmet at the local flea market and trying to get a good id on it.  I think it is WW2 made but looking for anyone who can date it.  Its a front seam, seems to be cork finish (although its been repainted long ago with a brush), swivel loops, sewn on straps, and a heat press number of 911C.  I'm thinking a 1943-? McCord?


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Hard to get a clear shot of the heat stamp but it reads 911C


P1010001 (2).JPG

P1010002 (2).JPG

P1010003 (2).JPG

P1010005 (2).JPG

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The Rooster

this is what I use to date ww2 M1 helmets.


enter your heat number and you'll get a rough date of manufature.

I get May of 1944.

As far as the brand... are the weld crimps at the front seam circles or ovals?

Ovals indicate McCord while circle crimp welds indicate Schluter manufacture.

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