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Numbered Silver Star CPL T/5 Medical Detachment 16th INF. June 6,1944 France

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I saw that this was listed on Ebay and what was interesting was it was a numbered silver star medal which I believe was made by Bailey, Banks & Biddle Company . I look up the general order online but did not find the silver star medal number listed with general order. As mentioned before alot of 1944 numbered medal did not get the number on the general order like some general orders from 1943 and 1942.


Are there any other records out there that connect his numbered silver star to his name?



Below auction listing

WW II Silver Star Named CPL T/5 Medical Detachment 16th INF. June 6,1944 France

This auction is for a vintage World War II Silver Star Medal in the original box and includes the card that was given with this medal and presented by Robert P. Patterson, Secretary of War as pictured.  This also includes the typed original paperwork that details this recipient's brave actions in saving the lives of numerous men under heavy enemy fire. This man was a member of a medical detachment and he spent many hours on a beach battle site treating casualties from his meager supplies, dragging men ashore who had become exhausted from battling their way through the heavy surf and moving the wounded to a more comfortable position on the stony shale of the beach. This collection was purchased at an antique store. Study the pictures carefully as there are no returns.  There is a number on the side of the medal which is 47905. 1.jpg.e1cbf76b08d819c24f640cab5e9ed7de.jpg2.jpg.2255936b99b31e26d254e2ce039aa1da.jpg3.jpg.0de5778f17bd41363ec8c37131b26d11.jpgs-l1600.jpg.19ee4f221347a5d3fc0243b064b5c881.jpg


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I am by no means an expert, that said, I have a Purple Heart medal with number that was issued to him in for wounds received in North Africa in 1943. I have also seen medal number on order in Italy as well. I do not believe believe that they were still doing in in late 1944. Some one may be able to better advise you than I can. It is just my SWAG on it. Good Luck!










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