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3 Bottles of Water Purification Tablets, WWII Group

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usmc grunt

I obtained a nice group of WWII medical supplies. While I can identify most of the items as WWII military issue, there 3 small bottles of water purification tablets that I am not familiar with. The information below appears on the label. Are these bottles a component of a First Aid or Survival Kit? What can you tell me about them?

Bottle 1: (1-1/8 ” high x 1/2” wide) Photo 1
Tablets, Water Purification, Individual, Chlorine
Van Brode Milling Co., Inc. Clinton, Mass.

Bottle 2: (1” high x 1/2” wide) Photo 2
Contents: 15 Halazone Tablets
For the Disinfection of Drinking Water
Mfd by Empire Findings Co., L.I. City, N.Y.

Bottle 3: (1” high x 1/2” wide) Photo 3
12 Water Purification Tablets
Mfd by Empire Findings Co., L.I. City, N.Y.



Brode (1).jpg

12 Tablets, Empire Findings (1).jpg

Empire Findings (1).jpg

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Those small bottles of Halazone tablets were a component of the Accessory Packet that was given out with a days issue of C Rations (3 meals = 6 cans).

The contents were revised several times but basically included cigarettes, matches, toilet paper, gum and the water purification tabs (usually numbering 12 to 15 tabs depending on the manfucturer.)   Later on a can opener (p38) was included enclosed in a small paper envelope with usage instructions.

Attached is a sample proof of the Accessory Packet bag that were produced by the Reynolds Company (later Reynolds Aluminum) located in Richmond, VA.  Reynolds made the bags themselves and a ration contractor amassed the contents and filled the bags.

The second picture is a proof of the entire Accessory Packet bag.





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usmc grunt

Thanks Quartermaster! I appreciate it! I ran across a first aid or survival kit on this forum that had a small bottle of wp tablets in it but I cannot locate it again.

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