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Hello all,

I’m not a huge collector however I have items from the Revolution up until the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan laying around the house. I also have some US and German WWII items with good provenance. I had a family member in the 415th, 104th Timberwolves Infantry Division as a mortar man and have some info/pictures of their experiences if anyone here is doing research.  I was in the USAF from ‘03-‘14. I also joined the WMF under the same name. I may be in Dixie but I’m originally from Ohio. Thanks for having me!

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Welcome to the forum,   Thanks for your service   Also any pictures you have,  would like to see.  A lot of good stuff on here so  enjoy

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Welcome from another Buckeye! From Ohio . . . no matter where you move to, Ohio stays with you! :) Hope you post your Revolution stuff, as I always enjoy seeing people's stuff from the early eras! Hope you have fun on the forum! It is loaded with super members who know loads!


If you ever want a custom hand-embroidered (no machine) patch, I'm open to commissions! Pay or trade!
For an idea of my military collecting interests and wish list, see my profile page!
Looking for Old-Style US Coast Guard Commendation Medal (w/ or w/o ribbon)!

Oh, tarry and be strong; Tell God in prayer. What is thy hidden grief; Thy secret care.

Yet, if no answer come; Pray on and wait: God's time is always best; Never too late.

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