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WW1 US Rank Patches

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Greetings and salutaions to all members. I hope everyone had a blessed day.

I present to you all a set of 5 different ww1 sleeve rank insignia.

These are a first for me. Out of my wheelhouse of collectibles.

I know I have quartermaster ordinance and Transport but not familiar with the start over the one quartermaster rank.


The staining appears to have come from a metal piece holding some of them together.

I'd be very interested in you expert patch collectors comments as I know very little about these.


Thank you kindly





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The chevrons with the star over the Quartermaster Corps insignia are for a Quartermaster Sergeant Senior Grade 1916-1920. Your chevrons are all on twill which indicates they are for the summer uniforms. if they were on wool backings they would be for the wool winter uniforms.


I collect US Army chevrons and US Army Finance Corps items. I also collect CCC insignia.

ASMIC Member - OVMS Member


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Hey Thank you Top !

I was told they call the summer style wool and twill ?

I wonder why they didnt just make the quartermaster symbol smaller and use stripes?

Do you think it would be worth using whink rust remover on the stains from the metal clamps

to try and remove the stains ?

Or should I just leave em be ?

I paid 56 for the lot. How'd I do ?

Patches are new to me so I'm not sure. I'm feeling like I got a good deal ?

Thanks again !


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$56.00 for the whole group is actually a good price in my opinion. You could probably flip these and Chevron collectors would grab them. All of them are in matched sets which is a plus.


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I wouldn’t mess with the stains, the wool on these is so old I think it would likely be damaged while trying to clean them. 

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